Digital Church Signs Use Them to Call in More Worshipers

Digital Church Signs Use Them to Call in More Worshipers

Congregations wishing to purchase digital church indicators should be cautious and always follow the steps below to purchase a valid illustration from a valid church sign companies.

The LED sign church is actually an outdoor marquee sign. It is usually surrounded by a brick, an electric, and a double-sided LED color screen. Implementing one of these signs in your place of worship will really allow you to talk to your congregation, as well as other members of the community while spreading your message of faith with an attractive style.

If you drive enough churches, you see that at least half of them now use digital signage in the church as a smart approach where most include a moral message that says quickly “in the hope of making a call to strangers as members.

But make no mistake, digital church signs are not just for sidewalk use to attract more members! Many churches have seen other ways to implement these signs in other places of worship as well as in many parking lots (for reasons taught), and even indoors to accept special guests, events to come, make announcements and provide clearly marked places like toilets and places for children.

Here are some of the church’s knowledge of signage for technical details:


P10mm, P12mm, P14mm, P16mm, P20mm, P25mm, P30mm,

P31.25mm, P36mm, P40mm, P50mm


* Benefit Performance: Better uniformity, great consistency, great view * Angle, each serviceable lamp can be repaired, front and rear service is optional in quality.

* Iron and aluminum cabinets are optional.

* Quality Advantage: We use high quality LED and have many experiences * Experts in this industry. From the material to the finished product, from design to production, we control all the steps, which are the guarantee of quality and reliability.

* We guarantee quality for a year free of


* High brightness and adjustable according to the environmental changes automatically.

* Better uniformity, with a high coherence of luminescence

* Clear, the delicate and vivid effects of displaying videos, photos, texts, etc.

* Wide viewing angle, no image change, no color excursion

* Signs can be repaired from the front or the back.

* Input signal: HDTV CATV NTSC PAL S-Video VGA VCD DVD

* Special design, easy to carry, install, disassemble and keep.

* The service life is over 100,000 hours with lower power consumption.

* Thin cabinets with light resistance and corrosion, we also provide aluminum cabinets

Finally, if you think your congregation will benefit from buying a digital sign church, do a little research, comparing the main church sign companies and their prices, and with a clear purpose to sign itself, is more than likely to save thousands of dollars for a new church-led symbol while simultaneously creating an attractive presence and leadership to show your congregation and future members.

The safest and most expensive way to buy a sign is to contact us and get your custom digital quote at the church. GW LEDS Corp is not only the design and manufacture of church LED signs, but also exterior or interior color signs, which are more suitable for displaying videos and large images than others. video equipment.

And as such, these types of signs are widely used in churches, synagogues and other religious places of worship, in addition to sports centers, traffic systems, shopping malls, parks, and buildings.

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