Wide applications of fullerene in different fields

Wide applications of fullerene in different fields

Have you ever look closer with the chemical terms in your medicine and some other products. The one who is interested in chemical compounds would like to learn some interesting terms with this and some other would not. If you are the one who wished to learn more about the chemical compounds, this article would help you learn more about this. Here, you are going to learn about the most common chemical compound called fullerene. Carbon fullerene has wide applications with it and sometimes it is termed as buckyballs. The name buckyball has named after its structure.

When you started analyzing it thoroughly, the c60 molecule consists of 60 carbon atoms with it, along with 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. As stated earlier, the fullerene is also termed as buckyballs, and the look resembles as soccer ball. Once the fullerene has discovered, the scientists are in much excitement on deriving many practical applications. Here is some practical Application of fullerenes. Learn this and wished to learn further, you can click on the link over here.

Application of fullerenes

  • Basically, fullerene has many medical applications. Hence, it comes with wide benefits. When you look closer into this, lots of it medical application come with the personal care products. As this is the powerful antioxidant, it reacts easily and helps in rectifying the cell damage or death. The chemical compound in this would enhance the skin absorption and thereby helps you in fighting against wrinkles, and fine lines.
  • Fullerene not only working in medical fields, but this also holds promises on non physiological applications, where the radical and its oxidation process helps in destruction. Means, this helps from plastic deterioration, food spoilage, and even metal corrosion.
  • Another greatest application of fullerene comes with drug delivery. As it has strong drug absorbent.
  • Major applications of fullerene lies on medical field.
  • Next to the medical field, this has been used in coating and in painting.

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