One of the most popular categories of games that so many players play is simulation games. While many people don’t understand the fun or intent behind these addicting simulation games, there are some reasons that bring more people to them. With that being said, read further to know why gamers love playing simulation games the most.

The fun of doing what you can’t

There are certain things people know they won’t be able to do in their life no matter what. Whether it’s driving a bus or being a fashion designer, we have one life and most of us go about it by focusing on one or two things that we would do for the rest of our life. Simulation games give us a chance to do what we would only dream of doing. This is why simulation games serve people of all ages. Children have far-fetched dreams of wanting to fly a plane or sail a ship. When a game gives them that kind of control and lets them do what they want to, it gives them immense happiness. For many, it becomes a great way of spending their leisure time.

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Being someone else

There are a number of simulation games out there that let you lead the life of a totally different person. This way, your identity while playing the game completely changes. For people who are bored of a routine life, simulation games give a refreshing change from the routine and lets them do something different or be someone different on a virtual medium. This has also been studied as a psychological factor that persuades many people to play simulation games.

Satiating curiosity

Do you ever wonder how farming works? Games, like Farming Simulator 19 download work on the basis of that. It’s a fact that so many city dwellers play this game so ardently. And for most people, the reason why they choose to play these games is not because they would want to be a farmer when given a chance, but it’s more because they are curious about how different things work and how different fields function.


Yet another reason why simulation games make up a significant part of the gaming industry is because these games offer so many categories and varieties. It’s almost impossible to not find a game that you would like to play when you go through a list of simulation games. Simulation games serve people with varying interests and that becomes reason enough for it to never go out of fashion as long asthe gaming industry is alive.

These are some of the reasons why gamers love playing simulation games. While some would say that simulation games are their favorite category in computer games, some would admit to have played these games at least once in their life at least, if it not their favorite category. If you’re new to gaming, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try playing a simulation game of your choice.